Yandex Browser for Android

 Yandex Browser for Android


Yandex.Browser for Android – a fast and convenient mobile
web browser with voice search.
• Turbo Mode from Yandex browser not only speeds up the
loading of pages, but also videos. Open up webpages and
watch videos without any slowdown.
• Yandex understands which site you need, even without the
exact address: it knows which page to open immediately,
saving you time.
• Answers to several questions are instantly displayed
without having to leave a page. Any site is available in one
click with Tableau.
We are happy to hear your feedback so that we can take it
into account in the new version. We answer all questions
relating to the browser. You can write to us directly from the
app (in Settings / Feedback) or via the feedback form on .
Quick and convenient access to your favorite sites
• Tableau automatically appears when clicking on the
Yandex.Browser address bar or opening a new tab. It’s a
selection of links to sites that you frequently visit.
• You can manually select the sites you want and pin them
to Tableau so that they’ll always be there.
Fast video and page loads, saving on data charges
• Turbo technology allows Yandex.Browser to compress the
content of webpages and videos so that you can load them
faster, even with a slow connection, saving on data
Search with less clicks
• The browser will show facts and figures in search
suggestions, such as the weight of a brick, or the capital of
• Yandex.Browser on tablets opens a webpage next to the
search results so that it’s easier for you to navigate and find
the site you need.
SmartBox for web addresses and queries
• The browser understands site addresses and search
queries entered either from a keyboard as well as with your
• Recognizes a number of webpages based on simple
descriptions, such as if you enter [financial times] or
[wikipedia], then the browser will open them right away.
Syncs your data
• Syncing makes it convenient to use the browser on
different devices: there’s no need to set up your bookmarks
or favorites again, they’ll automatically be transferred from
your computer to your device.
• All of your browser’s bookmarks are kept in a special
Yandex server: even if your device fails, they will still be
“Push to Call”
• Click on telephone numbers that you find in your browser,
and your computer will tell your phone to call that number
for you (if syncing has been enabled on Yandex.Browser on
both devices)

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