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Use Cardboard apps for Gear VR The New $1 Android App For Samsung Gear VR That Helps You Use, No Root Needed

Use_Cardboard_apps_for_Gear_VR_15.8.16-5.04pmHecorat, the developer driving quite a few cool apps we enjoy like EZ Package Disabler and AZ Screen Recorder has launched a new app on the Google Play Store and this one resolves an existential issue for all online reality followers who else own Samsung’s Gear VR but in addition want to test Cardboard games and apps : it permits them do precisely that which Samsung had attempted its darndest to forbid. Download Use Cardboard apps for Gear VR apps Apk from Play Store for $0.99 only.

The issue with Gear VR is that the instant you connect your Galaxy phone in to the headphones, the Oculus app releases and you cannot employ any other app till you disconnect. This indicates that introducing the Cardboard app, or even any kind of Cardboard appropriate apps and games, is difficult. Effectively, to be 100% correct, it was feasible before by making use of Hecorat’s EZ Package Disabler and stopping the Oculus app’s services auto-start. But that needed you to a) realize that can be carried out and b) understand exactly how to perform it.

The brand new app through Hecorat resolves the problem using its super practical name: Utilize Cardbaord applications for Equipment VR. That is far from the actual sexiest application name we have seen within the Play Shop, but it acts its objective well: obviously say the particular app can perform and make this discoverable for anybody doing which search on the internet or within the Play Retail outlet.

Functional title aside, Make use of Cardboard programs for Items VR (that’s a mouthful), is simple to make use of: there’s only one toggle along with a homescreen golf widget. You faucet it also it either allows or hinders the auto-start service, therefore switching among Gear VR mode as well as Cardboard setting, respectively. Once you have selected Cardboard boxes for example , you are able to plug your own phone in to the Gear VR headset and revel in YouTube and the other suitable apps and also games. Oh, the nice taste associated with forbidden fruit.

You will find two things really worth noting. 1, the software acts as a tool Administrator, therefore you’ll need to disconnect it prior to uninstalling from the apps configurations or simply make use of the in-app Delete option that simplifies the procedure. Two, We don’t have the Gear VR now therefore i can’t check it out, but I am curious whether or not there’s a method to simulate Pressed paper apps’ switch tap as well or regardless of whether you’ll be restricted to apps along with games that will don’t require any kind of tap. Inform us in the remarks if you test that.

Use Pressboard apps with regard to Gear VR costs $1, which in case you ask me personally, is better than purchasing a separate Card board headset. Apart from, there are so couple of Cardboard headphones with a headpiece while Products VR experience it and it makes points much more comfortable regarding long term utilize.