tips to protect smartphone data

Today every one android or windows smartphone user facing data lost problem in many way. I am posting this post only those people who want there smartphone data always safe.

Smartphone has become an important part of our life.the connectivity and communication facility which smartphone has provided is commendable. Besides its many advantages, there is major failure related to smartphones is the security of data. Every body has a good collection of data inside a phone including contacts, passwords and addresses which are most important. The must be preserved and made secure. The best option to recover the data is to take the backup of each and every data in computer system before formatting. But what if one looses his/ her mobile phone somewhere or it gets damaged by any mean like system failure or due to attack of virus or any of the file gets corrupt.

Today, i am going to tell you some easy ways of taking backup in Android OS and iOS enabled smartphones so as to keep the data safe.

1. This technique is applicable on all versions of Android OS. To backup phone’s data then go to Android OS setting and choose the option of “backup my data. If the phone has updated version of Android then choose the option of “backup and recovery” in the setting.

2. We can also save our data in our email account by signing in and selecting the option of “backup account”. This will drag the user to “Automatic Restore” option.

3. We can save our SMS also on the email account. There is an app for this namely “SMS backup app” which will save entire SMS list on web account.

4. iOS operating system users can backup data with the facility of cloud. One can find this in the phone setting. The option of “Backup” will do the job here and it requires an internet connection. Click on the option of ‘storage and backup’. You find this option in iCloud application. Here you can also see the ‘manage storage option’ by which you can manage your data. At the end click on the option of data of which you want to take the backup like application, messages etc.

5. There are many other software and applications by which we can backup the data. It depends on the smartphones operating system.

So i think this post can help you much about securing your data in your smartphone.

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