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 Tap Tap Balance Apk

Download Tap Tap Balance Apk Game For Android

How good is your balance?
How quick is your reflex?
Moving – Balancing – Collecting. How long can you keep up with it ?
It’s FAST it’s FUN and it’s FREE

*** The aliens decided that we humans are not happy. In order to cheer us up they send gifts from the sky. The ground shaking as their gifts falling down so fast. The humanity depends on your fingers!!! Protect the humans by dodging the gifts and keep the ground balance. Unlock and free more of our people from other timeline.

➤ Free to play.
➤ Simple one touch gameplay.
➤ Dodging the falling object. 
➤ Collect coins and many different items.
➤ Colorful and beautiful pixel style graphics.
➤ Beautiful effects.
➤ Unlock over 40 characters and experience different scene for each.
➤ Test your reflex and concentration.


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