Super Aladdin Adventure Apk

 Super Aladdin Adventure Apk

Super Aladdin Adventure Apk

Mutafa Evil witch has been take Jasmine princess from her castle.
The King and the Queen are very sad. 
They said that please help them rescue Jasmine princess and who ever he is,He can bring princess to home and marry her.
Aladdin is one of those who want to marry princess. After he see the notification from royal.
He immediately begin he journey to save his love, princess Jasmine.
There are many traps and thorns on his ways, Is he able to overcome danger and kill the evil witch Mutafa to save the Princess? 
That depends on your own ability.

Game features:
-many many monsters
-Stronger Boss

How to play Super Aladdin Adventure:
-4 buttons go along with 4 directions, up, down, left and right
-Press the buttons to control
-Double tap to jump higher

Hope you enjoy Super Aladdin Adventure. 


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