SnapShare APK

SnapShare APK

Download SnapShare APK File for Android

SnapShare 2.0, the best file sharing tool in the entire world!
Developed by the Clean Master team

What We Can Do For You
Transfer photos, music, videos, ringtones, recordings, apps, E-books, word docs and other file types to nearby friends across devices.

Highlights of SnapShare
☆ Fast: 150x faster than Bluetooth over a distance of 500+ ft.
☆ Network free: Uses Hotspot (no cellular data cost), no cellular or Wi-Fi network is needed.
☆ Easy to use: Just select files and then select who you want to send them to.
☆ Everything is supported: Images, Music, Videos, Ringtones, Recordings, Apps, E-books, Word docs, Archives and more can all be sent.

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