Polarr Photo Editor Apk For Android

 Polarr Photo Editor Apk

Polarr Photo Editor Pro Apk App For Android Download

From high-precision color tools to advanced clarity and dehaze filters, Polarr Photo Editor brings the most professional free photo editing tools to your mobile device! With over 1 Million pro photographers using the app, Polarr is the free pro photo editor for everyone.

Edit photo at a high level with this free, powerful, and elegant photo editing tool for advanced enthusiasts. Explore Polarr Photo Editor’s free online editor (no download required), and other photo editing tools at http://www.polarr.co.

“Sophisticated and high-quality [photo] editing tools” -Business Insider

Key Editing Features:

– Color: Polarr Photo editor allow edits in temperature, tint, contrast
– Light: Edit photo with exposure, highlights and shadows
– Optics: Edit photo with distortions, vignette, fringing
– Detail: Photo editing with clarity, sharpening, de-noise
– Advanced HSL and RGB Curve tools
– Toning tools for editing highlights/shadows
– Multiple local adjustments 
– Circular and gradient filters
– Create custom filters based on history
– Export photo at different dimensions
– Infinite editing undo and edit history tracking
-Dehaze and Denoise editing tools, as well as new free photo editing tools such as chromatic shift

App requires Android 4.1+ and OpenES 3.0+. For OpenES 2.0, download the APK at https://www.polarr.co/apk/googleplay.apk


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