PitchLab Guitar Tuner (LITE) APK for Android

PitchLab Guitar Tuner

PitchLab Guitar Tuner (LITE) v 1.0.20 APK for Android

Hands-free tuning for guitar and different acoustic instruments. Designed for novices and professionals, totally featured, a hundred% free.

Distinctive options aid you work out the chords to new tunes, visualize the pitch and consistency of the human voice, violin or different instrument, or reply the questions “what notes am I buzzing”, “what are these chords”, “am I hitting all of the notes in tune”, “is my vibrato constant” and so forth. Choose from a listing of frequent instrument tunings or shortly create and handle your individual utilizing the constructed-in tuning editor.

Eight separate visualization modes:

1) Instrument: Mixture radial strobe and string/be aware indicators for straightforward instrument tuning. Features a database of frequent tunings for Guitar, Violin/Fiddle, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Bouzouki and Pedal Metal, plus a constructed-in editor for as much as one hundred person-outlined instrument tunings.

2) Dial & Strobe: Mixture dial tuner and progressive linear strobe for fast and very correct fingers-free instrument tuning (this linear strobe is a real implementation of the strobe-tuner idea, not an ornamental imitation).

three) Chromatic Dials: 12-method simultaneous show, with a separate dial tuner for every of the 12 notes within the chromatic scale, to visualise a number of voiced notes or chords.

four) Chromatic Tiles: 12-approach simultaneous show of the notes within the chromatic scale, optimized for the visualization of speedy be aware/pitch modifications (e.g. vibrato, arpeggio, portamento, glissando and so on).

5) Spectrogram: Scrolling show of live sound evaluation, displaying the polyphonic perceived pitch of a variety of sound sorts (together with human voices and singing).

6) Chords: Grid-based mostly estimation show of frequent chord sorts (maj/min, maj7/min7, dom7/dim7), supreme for rapidly figuring out the ‘strum alongside’ chords for a tune the place the chords are fairly clear.

7) Partials: A multi-approach strobe and waveform show, exhibiting particular person be aware partials together with full word timbre for detailed evaluation of sound traits.

eight) BigStrobe: A big, single strobe show, optimized for small display gadgets.

These visualization modes are simply accessed by swiping the display left/proper or by urgent & holding the tuner show to get a pop-up view choice menu. Person-selectable choices are accessed by way of the MENU button or the pop-up view choice menu and embrace help for customized temperaments.

Please charge or evaluate, verify for updates usually and e mail pitchlabapp@gmail.com to report points for fast decision.

Example instrument tunings:

Guitar, Standard
Guitar, Drop D
Guitar, Open D
Guitar, Open G
Guitar, Open A
Guitar, Lute
Guitar, Irish

Bass Guitar, (4 String), Standard
Bass Guitar, (5 String), Low B
Bass Guitar, (5 String), Low E
Bass Guitar, (6 String), Standard

Violin: Standard, Tenor

Viola: Standard

Fiddle: Standard, Cajun, Open G, Sawmill, Gee-dad, Open D, High bass, Cross tuning, Calico

Mandolin: Standard, Octave

Ukulele: Standard, D6/Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass

Banjo (5 string): Standard/Open G, C tuning, Double C, Sawmill, Open D, Guitar, Willie Moore, Dock Boggs (Low C), Dock Boggs (Low D), Cumberland Gap, G Minor, Open C

Banjo: Plectrum, Tenor Standard, Tenor Irish, Long neck

Bouzouki: 8 string, 6 string

Pedal Metal: Standard/E9th, C6th, A7th, C Diatonic.


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