Download osu! Evolution v 1.6.4 APK for Android

Osu Evolution APK v 1.6.4 APP for Android

osu Evolution Apk Game osu Evolution apk 是一个运行在 Android 平台上的休闲益智类游戏,提供接近PC游戏《osu!》的操作体验,
并包含在线排名、多人游戏、社区等互动元素。Free Osu! Evolution APK download. osu! is a tempo game developed by Dean “peppy” Herbert. Video game levels these are known as beatmaps. Within each beatmap, a track will perform and different stroking hit components (hit groups, sliders as well as spinners) will be on the enjoy field. Gamers must make use of a pointing gadget to manipulate these ingredients in time using the playing song’s rhythm to be able to earn factors. The use of the graphics pill in combination with any keyboard is normal in osu!, although some gamers do use some sort of mouse. Not many use a Pill PC with regard to playing osu with. The primary objective whenever playing osu! is simply regarding players hitting, complete, and also clear sufficient hit sectors, sliders along with spinners to maintain their wellness bar, that drains in a steady price throughout the video game, above zero until the music is over. More knowledgeable players will frequently strive for a far more specific and hard goal, such as improving their own high rating or quality on a specific map, generally by trying to time their particular hits much better and avoid as numerous misses as you can to increase combination multipliers. osu! has four game Settings which is:

Regular: Hit The actual Sliders in addition to Hit Items with Computer mouse, Keyboard plus Tablet.

Odio: Play just like a Pianist and even hit the actual keys along with Keyboard Control keys. You can affect the Indicated Switches at the Choices.

CtB: Capture the Fresh fruits as you the actual Rhythm utilizing Keyboard Keys: Left together with Right Switch.

Taiko: Perform the Taiko as you stick to the Rhythm through pressing Key pad Buttons: Z ., X, D and Sixth is v


osu! Evolution apk is a run on the Android platform casual puzzle game, providing access PC game “osu!” operating experience, And includes interactive elements online ranked multiplayer game and community. Latest Download Version Free.

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