Nitro Rush Apk Download

Nitro Rush Apk Download

Nitro Rush Apk Download

“If speed is a necessity, handling the rush is an instinct.”

A race isn’t a race with no challenger. Welcome to the next level of multiplayer racing; you can now challenge racers around you using your phones geo-location. Beat them to the score and dominate your presence on the map.

****New Exhilarating features*****

– A asynchronous multiplayer racing game. 
– Adaptive endless level design which pushes you to a tougher challenge and obstacle course each time.
– Purchasable new cars and performance upgrades.
– When your car enters frenzy mode, you become indestructible and can blast through traffic and push your car to outrageous speeds.
– Perform mid air stunts and near misses to cash on bonus scores. 
– Connect to facebook and you can race with a face.
– Your high score reflects the area of the map you control. The bigger you score, the larger your turf is.


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