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Developer: iGene
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Latest Version Hide.io APK MOD. Conceal and find new and full Game module APP ! Reside and download online free conceal and look for android! Hide as well as seek video game in which you cover and find other people live with numerous players. Turn out to be an object and also hide nicely like you had been part of the chart from the beginning.
Come to be it and discover the concealed objects.

[Game Features] Current online multi-player game
In case you survive with regard to 5 minutes being an object, a person win
If you discover all invisible objects which are tongue, an individual win
Degree Up Program

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User Reviews:

Serpentine the buccaneer
This online game looks awesome but Something IDK i truly hate the actual nickname in leasr three letter however i create my title fox are not able to! What to do in case you ignore i am going to not provide a 5 celebrities

Mark video gaming December four, 2016
I love it yet Evrytime we join the online machine i just return server linking please repair it: ( internet marketing begging anyone and there’s a problem i actually update this and the up-date size within 5. sixty mb so when i opened it up i cannot continue online and the particular loading display screen will be eliminated: (

Frank Garcia Dec 4, 2016
Best disguise & search for game I like the game, props and roadmaps BUT occasionally (not each and every time) whenever I’m within a game much more me swich lobbies arbitrarily. Fix make sure you or you do not have to fix it. The fine simply annoying sometimes…….. OKAY L8RS

Campbell Brearley December five, 2016
Assist I’d price 5 superstars but eversince the upgrade the game lags then restarts it happens every single game. Plz fix this particular. ūüĎć

Absolutely nothing Here January 4, 2016
Noice sport I like that but the method you created the control keys make me recoil

Maxamillion41: M December two, 2016
Incredible game other than… That as soon as yoh uncover a new pores and skin for the locater and then oay to get a brand new one, after this you have to pay once again to get aged skins back again. I think that the skin choosing menue ought to be added to this activity to make it better still, then — 5 megastars

Christopher Personal
Oh the god! Method to many advertisements I actually had to leave an advertisement every a few seconds. Absolutely no bullshit that an advertising would appear. Fix this specific to such as, an advert after every game along with I’d become fine by using it 4-5 actors but our god at the darn ads men..

Daniela Lopez
The game is a great concept nevertheless needs a few fixing up. Much more servers, buddy list, personal servers might all be very useful. Also typically the abiltity to get multiple skin to choose from will be nice. The main problem with the game is the fact that it’ll at random bring me personally back to the primary screen. Additionally, the music is actually super appealing.

Kemo Repite December one, 2016
Pretty good game Somewhat bored waiting around to join gameplay and the periodic server straight down. View motion is slower. Can you affect the control establishing allow cell phone movement to see surrounding hanging around since its any mobile adventure. Will level 5 celebrity if it occur. Yah permitted ghosting

Julian Pina 12 , 3, 2016
I like the idea but requirements some up-dates Y’all ought to add just like a friend listing, so that I can be able to get my friends nearby mind. May also you include for us to produce a private server to ensure that I can ask my friends to try out with although overall I am loving the item. oh additionally the skin purchasing it’s a discomfort in looking to get our older skin backside so please allow it to be that we possess that epidermis instead of getting it all once again. Thank you

BranManRex December a couple of, 2016
Cherished it nonetheless.. If you might add much more maps along with other features just like playing towards people all over the world other than inside east or even south or perhaps north.. and so on Maybe similar to Gmod Killing features furthermore

Silent Nuke
Love it Have not had any kind of problems apart from glitches wherever time could be up and also the game wouldnt end. Recommendations – have the ability to add buddies and perform together, a lot more maps, in addition to censor unacceptable language.

Cleve Dela Johnson December only two, 2016
Small health This particular game is a nice amazing brace hunts, the one thing I detest is that you virtually only have 1hp so they can eliminate you immediately. Anyways great game

Dakota Elizondo November 4, 2016
Hey fellas I love the overall Hide.io APK I’ll provide you with five famous actors. The one thing which bothers myself is the skin area changing program, you pay money for old dermal you currently had that is kind of some sort of knock away so can you you should add a menus to pick your personal skin

Adrrian Cosico 12 4, 2016
The best match ever Hide.io APK is actually the best video game I have actually played phoning around since you may play on various maps then when I performed I think We made close friends on discussion and possibly foes since I informed where everyone was concealing but taggers can see exactly what spectators tend to be typing therefore taggers could get an advantage

Johann Rosgar Apolinario December a few, 2016
I seriously love Hide.io APK I really like the game, often the ads are simply okay plus heres a new request/suggestion should you read this: are you able to add local/hotspot/wifi multiplayer in order that I can merely play with my buddies and family members… Thanks when you read this ūüėĀ