format and restore android phone

Today most of us don’t know how to format the Android smartphone with our hand. so let’s check how to format and restore your Android smartphone.

Remember most android smartphone can work properly after formatting and restoring.

Method 1 >>>

1-Go To  Setting in  your Android phone Menu. 2Find your Factory Reset option, in setting menu it’s depend on your phone model most common menu for Factory Rest option come under Privacy button.

3- Now Select the “Backup and reset” settings, and scroll down to “Factory reset”

how to restore orignal setting of android smartphone.

4-Now click on  “Reset device” icon after clicking you will lost all of your data saved in internal storage . if you want to wipe SD Card also then thick on Format SD card option. (“Note- after clicking on Format SD card option you will lost your External storage data to”) 

Method 2>>> 

In this method you can format your Android smartphone by some keys . 

How to format and restore android smartphone

1- first switch off your Android smartphone. ( if your device hanged and you not able to switch off your device then simply remove your battery )

2- Press and hold the recovery buttons. The buttons may be  vary from device to device,may be you need to look up instruction. Some of the more common button combinations include:

  • Home + Power
  • Volume Down + Power
  • Volume Up + Home + Power.

3- After pressing any of this button above which best work with your android phone  screen will show you an Recovery option. you can navigate the menu with the volume buttons You may need to open recovery option to find Factory Reset mode, use power button if power button not work then press camera button. it’s vary depending on your android smartphone will be asked to confirm the factory reset. after pressing on factory reset mode wait till data wipe completed .(Dont do anything while data wipe running other wise your device will get some problem.)

Now  you successfully formatted and restored your phone. now your phone look like new phone .

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