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From the makers of Dragon City! Tame mighty beasts of
legend and breed them to create new species.
Unlock new skills and amazing powers to make ferocious
Monster Squads ready to battle it out in the Adventure Map
or to smite your enemies in the Monsters’ Arena.
An adventure of monstruous proportions is about to begin.
· NEW! Embark on quests and get countless rewards!
Exclusively for the Google Play Monster Legends! Go to the
game, tap on the Achievements icon and take on these
· Breed to produce fearsome, fighting hybrids and feed to
acquire new skills.
· More than 100 unique Monsters … and new beasts to find
every week.
· Battle head to head in 3 on 3 combat!
· Choose between Adventure or Arena mode. Test your
skills, strategy and stamina to the max!
· Select your opponents, steal their resources and shield
yourself from attacks.
· Fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard.
· Unlock treasures as you progress through the Adventure
Map – a world of wonders , dangers and unknown Monster
adversaries awaits you!
· Gain vital experience to level up your Monsters.
· Be social. Visit and help your friends out!

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