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Castle Defense Game Apk Game

Castle Defense Game 2 beta v1.4.6 MOD APK for Android

A brand new version associated with war is here Castle Defense Game 2 beta. The follow up to the initial tower defense games along with over 10 Million players global Android download free: Castle Defense 2 beta APK.

Game MOD Overview
Years ago, the actual kingdoms regarding man had been put to test in a battle that survived decades. Just with the aid of effective heroes, historic magic, and also the cunning technique of excellent leaders, had been mankind in a position to defend by itself and get rid of the orcish onslaught. Peacefulness ensued, however, not forever. Scouts reports which demon energy is increasing at the edge of our own Kingdom. The actual orcs possess seized huge wilderness which was once the hunting reasons. Somewhere within the wilderness, the particular evil types have opened up a website to the nether-realm, and are gathering armies involving unspeakable disasters.

Great characters, wherever you might be. Your empress has summoned you! This is the time to defend each of our realm prior to it’s dropped to bloodthirsty demons permanently. Join all of us in our warfare against bad.

A new period of conflict has arrived. Td masterpiece– Castle Defense 2–is capturing the td world. Through combining conventional tower defense game get RPG components and all brand new Battle Domestic pets, Castle Defense 2 has established a blend of techniques and a totally new kind of td experience.

Avoid waves connected with enemies through combining proper placement of protection towers along with utilizing the abilities of strong heroes. Commendable knights, miracle wizards, monster riders and much more are all at the command.

Video Game Features
★ Flying Fortress, Extremely Fort, Vapor Plant, Alchemist’s Laboratory, plus more magical systems!
★ Berserker through the Volcano, The Mysterious Woman Assassin, The particular Mage from the Woods. Every with distinctive equipment as well as particular abilities. You control the game figures to help protect where podiums aren’t sufficient.
★ Upgrade skills along the route you choose, including a unique mixture of RPG technique to the game.
★ Fight together with your game characters in the lengthy war forward, your marvelous Battle Animals can be the distinction between triumph or beat!
★ Large and Terrible Golem, Typically the Evil Warlock who can tear the fabric with space-time, Often the Wurm having an ancient food cravings, and spritely hidden goblins!
★ Select wisely, location your soars strategically or even be overrun the foe!

[Campaign Mode]#@@#@!!: Battle your way web page by webpage through your personal story
[Endless Mod]#@@#@!!: Face influx after trend of creatures. Defeat is actually inevitable, however how long are you able to last?
[Expedition Mode]#@@#@!!: 15 fresh stages, every different than just before with brand-new. unexpected difficulties!
[Boss Rush]#@@#@!!: sign up for players around the globe to eliminate the World Manager! Participate in typically the world’s biggest online fight!
[PVP Arena]#@@#@!!: Hole your causes against an additional player within PVP setting. Battle with regard to glory and also honor (and honor factors! )

Extensive beginners manual makes you a competent leader very quickly.
★TIP: This particular game will be hella enjoyable!
★Don’t have to be online to try out!

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What is new in Castle Defense 2 beta
1) Unlock Limitless Trials Degree 14
2) Unlock Journey Level fourteen
3) Repair the Leading man Bomber cannot be normal improve Cannon’s assault
4) Enhance game overall performance

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