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Alpha Security-Antivirus APK (com.alpha.security) APP Download

Alpha Security-Antivirus APK APP

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Download Alpha Security-Antivirus APK full and new version. When the latest app that inform you have pathogen on your android , they are created free harmful promotion along with false advertisements! Please visit our application, swipe in the control panel, head to “Settings” — “Feedback” : “General” rapid “Tricked or even forced to set up Alpha Security” and we may locate in which the promotion through. Thanks for your co-operation!
Alpha Security-Antivirus APKapp planning to bring greatest protection in order to user concerning mobile protection, Anti-virus and privacy safety. In order to safeguard your telephone. Do not be worried about malware attack and personal privacy leakage. we are going to do A appropriate app for you personally
Alpha Security-Antivirus APK Featuring:
Sophisticated anti-virus system – Current detection in virus look, immediate area of dubious behavior as well as thorough clean of harmful files.
Alpha dog Real-time defense – prevent any shady app conduct & documents, avoid adware and Alpha Security-Antivirus APKcoming from every aspect, such as Wi-Fi safety & storage space safety.
Comprehensive Cleanse instructions Scan each and every corner of the phone storage area for out-of-date files, garbage & hazardous files and also perform a full-scale cleanse.
Extensive Alpha Security-Antivirus APK Program – Secure every software with personal information that you do not want other people to see, putting together a well-rounded security of your privateness.

Wi-Fi Safety measures – Safeguard your information safety measures
Phone Increase – Quit background operating apps and also free MEMORY, boost mobile phone speed.
Personal privacy Cleaner aid Clean all of your browsing reputations, never have to think about privacy seapage.
Junk Document Cleaner instant Clean almost all junk produced by applications & accelerate your cellphone.

Contact Us:
Myspace: https://www.facebook.com/alphasecutec/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/115628681569634601175
E-mail: businessforalpha@gmail. com
Privacy policy: http://d2prafqgniatg5.cloudfront.net/soft/file/term/1254/privacy_policy.html

Alpha Security-Antivirus APK File Download below (File Size: 7.2MB)


User Reviews:

Anri Yoshiwara Nov 25, 2016
Misleading Did not like the reality an experienced randomly stated I have the Alpha Security-Antivirus APK because of going on mature sites that i don’t perform. And brought me directly to this iphone app and even after We downloaded this it nevertheless said that. Don’t frighten people in to thinking that there is a virus on the phone to allow them to download this particular app. The great however I’m creating one celebrity due to the way you decided to deceived people directly into thinking that they had a malware so they might download this specific app: or

Tonya Dixon November 25, 2016
okay i do value what this kind of app do for the ph.. yet i AVOID appreciate the discourage tactics through saying the infected bc of being able to access ‘adult sites’ when I never have!!.. you can assist ppl w/ out the hassle that! however u possess helped our ph to operate better.. simply pls aid ppl w/ out spending a ton scare techniques based on untruths.

Jwel Khan
This is completely unacceptable. Getting an advert appear on display screen every a minute telling me personally I have any Alpha Security-Antivirus APK whenever my built-in phone security and safety says every thing is safe. Just how do I quit this advertisement from reappearing….? I can’t think the owners of the advert will certainly advise all of us!!!! This is marketing at its really worst!!!!

Kamal B
Evaluation I have no clue if I ever endured a trojan. I have are cluess if it’s eliminated a disease. I just have to the word on this random software package which made an appearance whilst searching for thai eco-friendly curry quality recipes on google. So great luck within your decision making. Anyone know of the proper job thai environmentally friendly curry dishes?

Lara Ferreira
Great request but do NOT get people to think there is a virus merely so they will add your own app. Particularly using porno as the cause, considering many people do not check out those websites. That was some sort of direspectful along with honestly frightening and complicated situtaion. Once more however , excellent and simple practical application.

Ashia Khatun
Love it nevertheless… I love the idea! It definitely assisted clean almost everything up. I really like the heavy scan. It is far from confusing to make use of at all. However the thing which i despise may be the way which they use the advertisement. I was only minding my very own business after that, the advertising pops up stating I had numerous viruses due to porn internet sites! I avoid visit these kinds of sites becuse they are just simply disgusting. I believe that the method that they terrify people with their own ad is simply terrible. I actually demand they change their particular way to promote the instance. Besides which, this is very great.

Malik Afsari
Please don’t threaten me From the good application, but please do not put that will add up informing me we have a computer virus and it’s triggered because of adult sites that we don’t use and you also gave the very same add immediately after i down loaded the software. P. H. please don’t place a time restrict just let people go back to what we should where performing.

Zahrah Torabally
Scary Advertisement This iphone app is qualit? good since it said My spouse and i cleared the actual viruses however the ad was actually scary for me personally. I was on the search engines Images trying to find Undertale things and something sprang up expressing my cellular phone has 4 viruses and it is 28. 1% damaged via recent grownup sites? I AM 11. And also the ad maintains popping up despite the fact that I’ve saved the software package. Please don’t utilize scary adverts but apart from that I think it can good.