3D Sniper Shooting Death War Apk

 3D Sniper Shooting Death War Apk game

3D Sniper Shooting Death War Apk Game

Millions of players worldwide, you will never feel boring in this game.

Game Features
**3D angle shooting
**Magnificent pictures
**Provoking story
**Sorts of maps to enter
**Varieties of guns and equipment

**Attack: Tap the enemy to enter Sniper View, Slip the screen to adjust, tap to fire
**Exit Sniper Mode: Tap Non-cross area to exit sniper mode
**Aim: Move the scroll bar to aim the target

Items provided for players:
**Health: Supplement blood
**Sniper Rifle: 10 different kinds of sniper rifle with different degrees damage
**Military Uniform: Protect you from damage for a certain time

Be like a military fighter for justice, blast your targets and fight against the boss of terrorist organization. The FPS game 3D Sniper Shooting is giving you a marvelous feeling of battlefield. Get all your weapons and bullets to get ready for extreme hunting!

With the growing of your skill, you will open different modes. Realistic spectacle always grasps your eyes. Moving story continues to update…Fire! Warriors!


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