10 best Android apps

 best Android apps

Google Play full with apps! some time we are unable choose right apps for our Android Smartphone’s. 

Here i discover 10 best Android Apps which you like to install in your Android Smartphone.

·        Seesmic

Seemic can manage your all twitter account in an easy way. This is an helpful Android app for you. Twitter itself shook up the scene with the launch of its own-brand app – but we’re sticking with Seesmic. Offering support for multiple accounts, a home page widget showing latest tweets and an incredibly slick and professional design, this is one of the finest examples of app development out there today.

·        Facebook for Android

Facebook  for Android is very great Android App for facebooker, now with recent update added a Inbox support to the Android app, allowing its users to communicate in almost real time. The app’s fast and stable.

·        Outlook For Android

Microsoft has teamed up with developer SEVEN to offer an official Hotmail app for Android, which gives users a simple, clean interface, push notification support and even lets you manage multiple Hotmailaccounts from within the app. If your email needs haven’t yet been as simulated by Google, it’s a useful option. It’s since been re branded as the Outlook app, in keeping with Microsoft’s changes to its mail site.

·        Google Sky Map

A stunning app that uses your phone’s orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets on your screen. Point your phone at the sky, then learn what constellations are visible and if that’s a UFO or just Venus. Google Sky Map even works indoors, if you’re not keen on getting cold.

·        WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android started out as independent creation wp To Go, before WordPress decided it liked it so much it bought it up – hiring the maker to develop it in-house. It’s very feature-packed, with the latest version offering full integration with other apps, letting you spin content and send it directly to the app for easy updating. It could do with more image insertion tools, though.

Winamp For Android

Every one love music on theirSmartphone’s,Winamp from a decade ago. It’s had an Android app for some time, with recent updates adding support for iTunes, Mac syncing, plenty of music streaming options, new release lists and Shout cast integration for radio support. It’s a fine, free media player.

·        Samsung ChatOn

There are many of messaging tools onAndroid, but Samsung’s beats many of them by offering multi-platform support – with clients even available for older Samsung non-smart feature phones. It could be the ideal way to keep in touch with an out of touch relative. More “with it” users will be able to use its drawing, image sharing and social networking features.

·        Google Maps Navigation.

An absolute working map ever in this world. As long as you have Android 1.6 or above, the latest update to Google Maps introduces turn-by-turn voice navigation, simultaneously devastating the satnav industry while boosting the in-car dashboard dock/charger accessory scene. Route calculations are done at the outset of your trip, minimizing data transfer route and keeping you on target even when theGPS signal drops. It’s amazing, it works, and it’s free.

·        Shareprice

Shareprice uses your login from financial site www.iii.co.uk to offer live share price updates on your Android phone. Watch your nest-egg lose 50 per cent in value every three weeks during the latest trans-global financial crisis, live! It’s ideal for users with share values so low they have to be checked in private, to ensure their partner doesn’t see exactly how much money has disappeared into some notional financial black hole.

·        Dropbox For Android

The Android version of the insanely popular stuff-syncing app has arrived, and while Dropbox is a little lacking in the sort of fancy auto-syncing options many were hoping for, it still works as expected. Files have to be specifically downloaded to your phone to be edited or shared, which is not quite the automated dream offered by the desktop tools ,but it’s still Dropbox on Android. Six months ago that was a distant, crazy, fantasy.

The all above Android apps is my personal opinion may be there is lots of best Android apps